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Re: hurd patch

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 03:51:16PM +0100, Michael Koch wrote:

> I tried to build a new version of the hurd Debian package because I 
> needed a patch to libpthread. I found that the Build-Depends is 
> slightly incorrect, so I wrote the attached patch. Please review an 
> apply it.

Two quick things:

1) Please add diff -up to your .cvsrc - That will provide the diffs in the
format that the Hurd developpers tend to prefer.

2) This patch is probably wrong in the sense that there's no good reason
for us to call autoconf.

I also have a slight bias in that I sent in a patch for autoconf 2.5x
support recently and I would rather see that applied. =)

Jeff Bailey
When you get to the heart,
use a knife and fork.
 - Instructions for eating an artichoke.

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