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Re: first contact


An:     debian-hurd@lists.debian.org
Kopie:   (Blindkopie: Thomas Schweikle/FAG/FIDUCIA)
Thema:  Re: first contact

> Most definitely.  From what I have seen on this list, no
> developer has gone and actively tried to get GNU/Hurd
> running inside VMWare.  I remember one person saying that
> he'd develop for VMWare if it were Free.  Thus, the statement.

Here I question what does he promise to develop for VMware?
Most important would be a special X11 driver for XFree86.
But this is included with XFree86 4.x AFAIK.

The other thing nice to have beeing the VMware tools. But
since these arn't open source it is VMware's tune to make
them available...

> Now, if you were to submit patches that get it working,
> I'm sure someone would consider using them.  I might
> even consider testing them, as I have a valid copy of
> VMWare sitting on a system somewhere.

The only patches to submit at the time beeing, are some
for XFree86.


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