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Re: kernel / system header files

Le mar 29/10/2002 à 01:33, Axel Christiansen a écrit :
> No, i never used debian before. I am aware of the apt packet
> system, could not figure out how to "list all available
> packages" and doing a install "without dependence check".

You probably don't want to list all available packages (too long a
list), and you definitely don't want to install without checking
dependancies (dependancies aren't there just to annoy you, but also to
make sure needed things are in place)!

That being said:
* On www.debian.org, follow the links about the packages, and you will
be able to have your list;
* dpkg --force-depends -i <list of .deb files> will install packages by
brute force.

Don't complain if the later breaks your system!

Snark on #hurd and #hurdfr (when I'll have a decent connection back)

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