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Re: J2, needed packages

Glenn McGrath wrote:
On Thu, 3 Oct 2002 07:15:06 -0500
I tried to compile the latest gcc package, there is a build dependency on
doxygen, its a real PITA because doxygen needs packages such as
perl-5.8.0, libqt, libgnome, gs libgimpprint and dozens of other packages
that dont have packages. Lots of those unbuilt packages depend on
libstdc++[345]-dev which makes it interesting.

I suggest if anyone tries to build gcc they either compile and install
doxygen from scratch and not build the (what i assume to be) unneeded gui
parts, or try and build all the gcc binary packages without building the

I ran into this with freebsd-i386. I now have doxygen built, but what I did in the past was simply edit the makefile fragment that references it, and comment it out. (It's only used by the debian build rules.) Alternatively, I think debian/rules binary-arch may also work for the gcc-3.2 package now.


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