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Re: Building gcc 2.95.4 natively?

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 07:51:02PM -0400, Clemmitt Sigler wrote:
> I've been messing around with building some packages on my Hurd
> system this week.  I've seen a couple of weird errors in building
> oskit-0.97.20020317 and iputils-20020927.  The first oskit error
> was caused by the "#pragma weak" bug in gcc-3.1, so I upgraded
> to gcc-3.2_3.2-0pre3.  oskit and iputils still won't build :^(

I don't know about iputils, but oskit might have problems with new gcc
because of the somewhat older Linux driver code that it includes..
> So I thought I'd try a native Hurd build of gcc-2.95.4-12 to rule out
> compiler version problems.  This, too, dies.  I've filed a BTS report
> on this if you'd like to read the details.

You should have included the info here.

In any case, it is quite likely that we don't support gcc 2.95.x at all
anymore, for example in our glibc (although that might only affect C++)


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