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Building gcc 2.95.4 natively?


I've been messing around with building some packages on my Hurd
system this week.  I've seen a couple of weird errors in building
oskit-0.97.20020317 and iputils-20020927.  The first oskit error
was caused by the "#pragma weak" bug in gcc-3.1, so I upgraded
to gcc-3.2_3.2-0pre3.  oskit and iputils still won't build :^(

So I thought I'd try a native Hurd build of gcc-2.95.4-12 to rule out
compiler version problems.  This, too, dies.  I've filed a BTS report
on this if you'd like to read the details.  I'm running an updated
libc0.3-2.2.5-13 system with the hurd-20020918-1 package installed.
(BTW, this combination has been pleasantly stable for me under a
decent load :^)

Does anyone have some simple and/or quick words of advice about
getting gcc 2.95.4 to build for the Hurd?  Should I (re)learn
how to do a cross-compile under Debian Linux?  TIA.

					Clemmitt Sigler

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