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Re: Building gcc 2.95.4 natively?


On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> I don't know about iputils, but oskit might have problems with new gcc
> because of the somewhat older Linux driver code that it includes..

Both fail to build with errors that seem "strange" to me.  That is, not
your run-of-the-mill won't-compile porting-required errors.  So I
agree that it may be related to the new gcc.  That's why I was hoping
for a "mature" version of gcc so I could give them another try :^)

> You should have included the info here.

NP, Marcus, here it is.  Please read this link for the gory details on


The oskit bug report is here:


The iputils bug report is here:


> In any case, it is quite likely that we don't support gcc 2.95.x at all
> anymore, for example in our glibc (although that might only affect C++)
> programs.

Are there known programs/packages that don't build with the 3.x
generation of gcc?  If so, I'm glad I'm not a package maintainer!


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