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Re: J2, needed packages

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 10:07:30PM +0100, Roger Leigh wrote:
> I'm an upstream maintainer of gimp-print, and I'm also in the NM
> queue.  I know that gimp-print has quite a set of build-dependencies,
> and I have reduced them a bit (by removing the SGML stuff by using the
> upstream tarball with prebuilt docs).  Also, I guess you are depending
> on libgimpprint via gs.

Yes, the dependency through gs was what caused me real pain.  It was one of
the longest dependecy chains I ever saw ;)  What is causing problems is
usually not the number of dependencies, but long chains and loops.
> I want to remove the gimpprint gs driver, and replace it with an IJS
> driver instead (basically IJS is a protocol to allow gs to use other
> programs as drivers, communicating via pipes).  Once IJS is in Debian,
> I can create the ijsgimpprint package, and ask Torsten to remove the
> gimp-print patch from gs.

This sounds very good.  Isolation like this helps us a lot.
> Unfortunately, I haven't found a sponsor to upload my IJS packages (or

I am very busy for the next few weeks, but if I can still help in november
or so, I'm glad to.  Otherwise I hope someone beats me to the punch here.


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