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Re: updates to debian and gnu archives

Hi Bob and Ciaran,

I know the processes for the Debian archive and alpha.gnu.org are

Jeff's autobuilder machine was "appropriated" by his work for awhile.  I
think it will be coming back online again soon.  

Jeff, I think you are not using turtle anymore, right?  Is this a
Debian GNU/Linux machine that cross compiles and runs fakeroot?


-- Grant Bowman                                <grantbow@grantbow.com>

* Ciaran O'Riordan <ciaran_o_riordan@hotmail.com> [021002 14:29]:
> Hi.
> I don't have all the answers so hopefully a more Hurd-educated
> person can give more info but here's my cent:
> gcc-i386-gnu
> >also, does hurd-i386 have an autobuilder?
> I think Jeff Bailey (?) has an autobuiler running (called turtle?)
> >can the packages just be built on a linux i386 machine?
> They can be compiled natively on a GNU/Hurd system or
> cross-compiled on an GNU/Linux system.  There is a debian
> package 'gcc-i386-gnu' which is configured as a hurd-i386
> cross-compiler (I read the package description, I haven't
> tried it).  It's in unstable, testing and stable.

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