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Re: Slashdot story

On 30-Sep-02 10:43:28 Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> wrote:
 JB> Neal's pthreads for Hurd package just made the slashdot front
 JB> page.

 JB> If any of you have time over the day, can you please check in
 JB> there and help dispell some of the usual FUD and misinformation
 JB> that is usual for slashdot?  (Especially around the Hurd!)

 JB> Tks,
 JB> Jeff Bailey

I find this all rather amusing. I really wouldn't be to concerned.

While the crap in the computer industry gets all so much hype to sell it
and as we know, there are alot of people fooled by the hype and sucked
into the momentum of.....buying crap

What do you suppose is on the other end of the spectrum?

You know..... what's ignored and even laughed at.... until its actually
proving itself..... so unlike what is hyped, sold and then proven to be
something less then the hype.

Yeah..... it's an upside down world.....

But it is what it is...

Consider it a supprise for those fooled by hype. :)

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