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Re: Hurd under Bochs

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 12:28:21AM -0400, Norbert Veber wrote:
> Actually, I figured it out.  I was missing the -o 32256 option to
> losetup.

Then again, that wasnt it :)

What I ended up doing was download the debian woody bochs image, set it
up to be 'drivec', and set my hurd image to be 'drived'.  Then I booted
debian, and used fdisk from within the virtual machine to partition the
hurd disk.  Then I realized I still cant mount the partitions I created,
so I did losetup -o 32256, and formatted the 'whole disk' (loop device).
Aparently the partition table I made earlier wasnt wiped, and grub was
happy, but the hurd was not.  You just cant win :)

At any rate, I will stop talking to myself now.

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