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Hurd under Bochs


I saw this message in the archives and its replies:

Did anyone ever get this to work?

My problem is that grub boots, but cant find any partitions on the disk

root (hd0)
file system type unknown, using the whole disk
root (hd0,0) 
partition table invalid or corrupt
find /boot/gnumach.gz
File not found

The instructions on
say that you should write a partition table to the loopback device with
fdisk, but not create any partititons.  That is what I did, but it didnt
work.  I also tried to create a partition, but was unable to mount it to
do the cross-install.  /dev/loop0 is the equivalent of say /dev/hda, but
there is no loop equivalent for /dev/hda1.

What I did was:
createdisk hurd.hd0 512
get the grub.ext2 image, and rename it to grub.fd0
setup the .bochsrc to refference these files
losetup /dev/loop1 hurd.hd0
write a partition table with fdisk (I also tried skipping this)
mkfs -t ext2 -o hurd /dev/loop0
mount, and run the cross-install /mnt
unmount, losetup -d, and run /usr/lib/bochs/bochs-x (the debian wrapper
seems broken)
grub came up but couldnt find the kernel :(

It seems others have this problem too:

Supposedly people have gotten this to work, but I cant imagine how.

Any ideas?

PS. I am not subscribed to the list..



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