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Re: Bochs and the Hurd

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 05:11:33PM +0200, Olivier Péningault wrote:
> le dim 01-09-2002 à 10:44, Robert Millan a écrit :
> > X works on Debian GNU/Linux, you can just import the debconf settings
> > of xserver-xfree86 (NOT the XF86Config file please) from a configured image
> > like http://khazad.dyndns.org/bochs/gnu-linux/
> I saw tips to make X work with bochs for GNU/Linux, but I couldn't do
> the same for GNU. Sometimes, there was a desktop window, but it crashed
> after a few seconds.

perhaps you can attach gdb through the network, or the bochs debugger

> > That's one of the problems listed in the PROBLEMS file, it's caused by
> > a limit in the number of translators there can be in /dev. The workaround
> > is to exit in native-install and do the rest step by step. Don't think
> > anything can be done untill we have GDB installed and working.
> I never had this problem of 64 translators in /dev.
> And I did a mistake. It's initial.sh (not native_install)

good to hear that

> which failed
> while seting up GNU in bochs... I suspect the first "apt-get upgrade" to
> freeze the system.

that's probably dpkg freezing the system, try to install a package directly
with dpkg and debug that.

> > why don't you just take my image? i spent lots of hours working around
> > the mentioned problems just to get a semi-usable system with most of
> > native-install run and all packages configured. please start from there
> > and try to install GDB on it, i couldn't install it without breaking the
> > filesystem last time i tried.
> I spent too a lot of hours to set up GNU in bochs, and I only have a rtc
> connection, so it's faster for me to install GNU by myself than
> downloading...
> And I think our images are equivalent.

sure (except that yours doesn't have the 64 trans problem)

> > They happened with the lastest stable Bochs (1.4.1 at the time) and the latest
> > (unstable) GNU. Did you find any of the problems fixed now? what about the
> > GNU Mach issue, did you get a bochs panic when booting the default Mach?
> Sometimes, when it doesn't work, I use the cvs version of bochs if
> interesting features are announced on their mailing list. Did you try it
> ?

no, i always stick with the stable releases (as the packages i maintain are).

> Whith the default GNUMach, there are two errors for me:
> io read for address 0xO3c0 (VGA device error) after detecting the ppa,
> and after 3c515 card detection, but they are not fatal (according to
> Roland, one of the errors is due to the smc9194 ethernet driver which
> probes this address). You can just type "cont" to continue the
> simulation. 
> The problem is that bochs considers that the 0x03c0 address is for the
> VGA card, in fact it's only a backward compability with EGA cards (if I
> remember well).

I don't see why reading from VGA io space is a reason for bochs to panic.

> > the way to do that is using debootstrap. I've been working on porting it
> > for a while (and i used my ported version to generate a GNU base tarball once).
> > 
> > Unluckily, debootstrap is maintained so zealously by aj that all my attempts
> > to get my patches applied have failed so far.
> This is a political issue.

could be.

> Developping a working GNU image for bochs,
> with a working debootstrap would give more weight to your patches (and
> excuses for not integrating them would become very hard to understand).

i'll just fix those irrelevant details he didn't like.
> > I'll port it again on middle september after my vacation. if aj doesn't
> > find new excuses it will suposedly be fixed soon.
> Ok. Mail me after your vacations, I'll explain you what I've done.

will do. but please leave debootstrap for me, i already have an idea of
what needs to be changed.


Robert Millan

"5 years from now everyone will be running
free GNU on their 200 MIPS, 64M SPARCstation-5"

              Andrew S. Tanenbaum, 30 Jan 1992

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