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Re: Which packages should I use?

Choe, Hyun-ho <firebird@ccube.co.kr> wrote:
> [20020523 shapshot]
> I think this snapshot is converted to libio, is it correct ?

Yes, it is.

> There are three directories concerning Debian packages..."debian",
> "debian-libio", and "debian-stdio".

Use the "debian" directory.  But I was told the link in there is broken,
so that you won't be able to use it as a source for APT.

> I wonder which one should I use, and what's difference from packages in
> official Debian/Hurd site.

The difference is that most of the alpha packages are not on Debian
mirrors, and if a package with the same version is in both archives,
then probably the one on the Debian mirrors is broken, as was the case
with Emacs 21 a while back (maybe it still is).


PS: The official name is "Debian GNU/Hurd".  As so many people speak
about "Debian/Hurd", I wonder where they did read that term, because a
web page using this term should be corrected.

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