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Advice for me too....

K. Bradford wrote:
What is the proper way to become involved (in whatever small capacity
I am able) in the Hurd development project ?  Are there coding standards
I must adhere to?  Who is the main person I should contact in this regard?
I have done a little programming in C, C++, Python, and Bourne shell, but nothing in the area of OS design.

I also know very little about complex programing needed for operating systems developing: C,C++,Pascal,very little about assembler: I only know how to write an "hello world" porgram in assembler or read and make simple arhitmethical operations to numbers using dos functions of the 21 interrupt,and some visual programaing: c builder and I have tryed kylix, and under unix like enviroments except kylix I only made some very simple programs using gcc as a compiler. Next year I will learn artificial inteligence and how to control something(an industrial process, a robot, etc) using a computer, I thing that this is connected to C++ and assembler and C builder from what I saw in my universityes computers(i am an control engineering and industrial informatics (or applied informatics I don't know the right term in English) student). I also know how to use a linux operating system and how to compile a linux kernel and do "things" ("stuff" :) ) using linux.
So, given my background, how can I help for the hurd?
Tell me something concrete, for example "go to this address and learn this manuals", or "make this stuff until monday", or "learn python using the manuals from www.????? enough to make an ???? program " etc..

(from Romania)

Thank you,

Kevin Bradford

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