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I have hesitated to post questions to this list thinking that possibly
it should be used only by developers.  But since I see a few questions
from new users, I'll take the chance ...

I hope to make some contribution to the GNU/Hurd project some day when
I have learned the system better.  I am learning C and have written
written a replacement for the shell script /libexec/runsystem mainly
as a programming excercise, and also so that I don't have a bash shell
running that never exits, consuming resources mainly just to catch
and forward signals to runttys.

What is the proper way to become involved (in whatever small capacity
I am able) in the Hurd development project ?  Are there coding standards
I must adhere to?  Who is the main person I should contact in this regard?
I have done a little programming in C, C++, Python, and Bourne shell, 
but nothing in the area of OS design.  

Thank you,

Kevin Bradford

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