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Re: Advice

K. Bradford <stdin@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I have hesitated to post questions to this list thinking that possibly
> it should be used only by developers.  But since I see a few questions
> from new users, I'll take the chance ...

We also have help-hurd@gnu.org, which might be more apropriate for
questions which are not Debian-related.

> What is the proper way to become involved (in whatever small capacity
> I am able) in the Hurd development project ?

The proper way is to do useful work.

If you don't find this answer helpful, I can only say that you have
various choices: You can work on the Hurd itself, porting of packages
for Debian GNU/Hurd, extending some programs to make use of
Hurd-specific features, write documentation etc.  Find something you are
interested in, it should not be too hard, as there is enough work to do.

Also read the web pages carefully, especially <http://hurd.gnu.org/> and
<http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/>.  You will find a lot of useful
information there, like how to submit patches, how to port packages and
so on.

> Are there coding standards I must adhere to?

Like all (well, almost all) GNU software, the Hurd follows the GNU
Coding Standards.  There are no addition written rules for Hurd-related
code yet, but after reading some a lot of the source code of the Hurd,
you might notice some typical patterns.

> Who is the main person I should contact in this regard?

I don't think there is any single person you need to contact.  Just
start contributing.


Wolfgang Jährling  <wolfgang@pro-linux.de>  \\  http://stdio.cjb.net/
Debian GNU/Hurd user && Debian GNU/Linux user \\  http://www.gnu.org/
The Hurd Hacking Guide: http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hacking-guide/
["We're way ahead of you here. The Hurd has always been on the    ]
[ cutting edge of not being good for anything." -- Roland McGrath ]

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