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Thank you!

I'm a Chinese newcomer in GNU.I've been with Redhat Linux for several months.Because of integrated chips,I spend much time looking for and installing variable drivers for CMI8738 sound chips and PCTEL Micro modem chips.It's really happy working under Linux without MS Windows. Though I've never used Debian,I like it very much for it's ALL-FREE policy,stablization and advanced in technology.I am concerning the development of Hurd all the time.Using entire GNU system is my dream.It seems my dream will be available in sid.I noticed that Hurd had been in Debian unstable packages. I write this email in order to get some basic knowledge about Hurd.For example,
When will be Debian GNU/Hurd come out?
What is the differences between Linux and Hurd in the view of a normal user and a program designer?
When will the book <<GNU Hurd>> be available?
Are there some methods with which Hurd can support certain hardware such as sound cards,USB and etc? I have a lot of questions like these above,but I still want to use Debian GNU/Hurd instead of Redhat.Are there anybody kind of answering my questions and give me other knowledge about Hurd?

Thank you!

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