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Re: Thank you!

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 11:28, Jesse Wang wrote:

> I'm a Chinese newcomer in GNU.


> I've been with Redhat Linux for several months.Because of integrated
> chips,I spend much time looking for and installing variable drivers
> for CMI8738 sound chips and PCTEL Micro modem chips.It's really happy
> working under Linux without MS Windows.

>       Though I've never used Debian,I like it very much for it's
> ALL-FREE policy,stablization and advanced in technology.I am
> concerning the development of Hurd all the time.

*The* Hurd.

> Using entire GNU system is my dream.

Nice dream.

> I noticed that Hurd had been in Debian unstable packages.


> I write this email in order to get some basic knowledge about
> Hurd.For example,

> When will be Debian GNU/Hurd come out?

Who knows? Next year maybe.  If you are interested in GNU/Hurd and are
willing to put in some effort, try the snapshot images ftp.gnu.org/iso

> What is the differences between Linux and Hurd in the view of a
> normal user and a program designer?

As a user or application programmer, very little, hopefully.  

As a system programmer, Linux is (virtually vanilla) Unix, but GNU's
not Unix.

> When will the book <<GNU Hurd>> be available?

When it is written.  Check the links for documentation.  There is
documentation in the Hurd source code.

> Are there some methods with which Hurd can support certain hardware
> such as sound cards,USB and etc?  

No sound, no USB, no PCMCIA, no firewire (etc).

> I have a lot of questions like these above,but I still want to use
> Debian GNU/Hurd instead of Redhat.Are there anybody kind of answering
> my questions and give me other knowledge about Hurd?

I suggest that you do some reading and start using Debian GNU/Linux.


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