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Intallation problems


While installing the GNU/hurd, following Neil's great manual, I 
encountered some problems.  I solved them, but they should be fixed 
anyway, I think :-)

First of all, mke2fs used a block size of 1024 on my fairly small disk.  
This caused many hangups and I couldn't find out why.  From
irc://opennet/#hurd I found that this is a known bug in the filesystem
driver.  So I guess this is being worked on.  In the meantime, I suggest
that it is mentioned in Neil's manual.

Second, native-install crashed i on the second pass with the error:

The last step is to create /etc/fstab
./native-install: line 191: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
./native-install: line 207: syntax error: unexpected end of file

I solved this by changing line 162 in the file.
It started with:

rootpart=fsysopts / | perl

while it should start with:

rootpart=`fsysopts / | perl

I shall now see if the rest of the installation and using the hurd works.  
If it doesn't, I'll probably send a message to this list.

Bas Wijnen

/** mastermind. input 4 numbers 0-5. output <right>.<in the right place> **/

 main(){int  c[4]   ,x=3  ,l=getpid()  ,i;;   for(  srand(l);c[  x]=-   rand
()%6         ,x--   ;);;  for(         ;44>   x;){  char         a[9] ,*p=
 "%.1f\n",   b[9];x=i=0;  gets(a);for   (l=4 ;l--   ;)x+=-(a[l]  -=48)==
       (b[l  ]=c[   l]);  ;for           (l=0;16    >i;l         =++i %4)x
+=(b[i/4]+   a[l]   ?0:(  a[l]=b[i/4]     =10))     ;printf(p,x  *.1)   ;};}

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