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Re: nfs problem

On Sun, 7 Jul 2002, James Morrison wrote:

>  As mentioned, it can work, but I think there may be a combination of you, bug
> and something to be implemented that causes this problem.  Could you perhaps
> tell us what set ups you have tried?

Warning, this is the first time I have networked any machines.  I am using
a cross-over cable.

Both machines ping each other and themselves nicely.
Hurd box,, margaret
Linux box, stepehen

mount -t nfs /b5  mounted the linux box /b5 directory on
the Hurd box's /b5
settrans -cgap /b5 /hurd/nfs worked as well (typed from
"stephen" substituted for also worked.
I upgraded the Hurd box using this.

However, mount -t nfs /b5 failed.
Attempting to mount /hurd on the Hurd box on /b5 on the Hurd box.
settrans -cgap /hurd /hurd/nfs also failed.
Mounting the Hurd box's / failed from the Linux box.

The Hurd box's exports

# /etc/exports: the access control list for filesystems that may be exported
#		to NFS clients.


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