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Re: apache and netcraft

* [Christian Mertes] 

> I remember the netcraft guys agreed to think about adding the
> Hurd to their list of OS cores when there would be a webserver
> running on it. Perhaps you want to contact them and tell them
> that this happened?

I contacted netcraft some months ago about this.  The message I got from
them was that while they normally don't add an OS until some hundred
hosts or so are running it, they would be interested in adding support
for the Hurd anyway, or at least make sure that it was recognized as
"unknown" and not falsely as Linux.

Unfortunately, the similarity between the Linux TCP stack and ours
(which is also basically the Linux TCP stack) was so big that their TCP
fingerprinting was not able to discern between the two.  Obviously, they
preferred to continue recognizing Linux with the small penalty that the
Hurd is falsly seen as Linux to having both be "unknown OS".  

Oh, and as the part of the Hurd that does the talking to the network
actually _is_ (a part of) Linux, you could also argue that netcraft
calling the server Linux is Right.  :)

If somebody with a good knowledge of TCP/IP would contact Netcraft, I'm
sure they could be of help in figuring out some parameters that could be
frobbed in pfinet to make the netcraft fingerprinter able to see a

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