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Re: hurd does NOT need /hurd

On Mon, 20 May 2002, Wolfgang Jährling wrote:

> Translators are no kernel modules. They are normal binaries, but with
> special functionality.

What is a binary, really?  It's just some file that is based to exec(), and
the kernel being run knows how to 'run' it.

With binfmt_misc in linux, the kernel can be easily extended to run any
arbitrary file.  So, in that case, msdos.o can be a binary.

> > However, unlike /hurd, /lib/modules does not contain any reference to the
> > kernel that is being run.
> Sorry, I don't see any reference to GNU Mach here.

There is a reference to something specific, 'hurd'.  What does GNU Mach have
to do with it.

I see no /debian, no /freebsd.

Or are you arguing for /os/{gnu/{linux,hurd},bsd/{free,net,open},w32}/?

> Of course you do, because you don't understand what /hurd is about. It
> is about the Hurd server binaries, which are started by users and should
> not be hidden in a directory like /lib/you/cant/find/me/.

/lib/modules contains files unique to the kernel being run(in the past, this
was Linux).

Why can't the same dir be used for hurd?

> The reason is that the stuff in there is semantically different from
> everything that exists in Unix and ever will exist in Unix.

You can't honestly predict the future.

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