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Re: Filing Hurd-porting patches in the BTS or upstream? (was: where do...)

Moin Marcus!
Marcus Brinkmann schrieb am Sunday, den 19. May 2002:

> Independent of this specific bug report (I really only skimmed over it),
> I am starting to reconsider this, and file porting problems upstream first.
> Although the other GNU/Linux ports file them as Debian bugs AFAICS, it seems
> that the Hurd-specific nature of the patches, and often the volume of changes
> needed, is outweighing in costs the benefits listed above.  But the Debian
> BTS is really nice, and I like to use it to keep track of my porting work.
> What do other people think on this issue?

Good idea. Main rules prefered by me:

 - send the bug to the BTS
 - set "upstream" tag and s end Cc' to the upstream
 - severity: normal/minor/whishlist, depending on the problem w/o changes
 - if you provide a _tested_ patch, send the patch tag, otherwise DO NOT

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