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Re: where do NEW packages go?

Moin Robert!
Robert Millan schrieb am Saturday, den 18. May 2002:

> > True. But for most people in Debian, the Hurd doesn't exist at all and
> > they "don't feel like caring about the Hurd". That is not only my
> > subjective impression, but also what Debian developers said in the past
> > (and some did behave accordingly).
> http://bugs.debian.org/146396

Robert, what is your problem? You provided an untested patch, coming
with this attitude like "You are are either friend or enemy of Hurd".
I told you to contact the upstream (since he is a bit touchy in such
issues) and test the damn thing. Did you? No? WHY NOT? Can you provide
enough success reports with your patch? I won't make such changes behind
the upstream's back.

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