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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 06:22:45AM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> There's a trust issue invovled here.  CIM(you do know what that is, don't
> you?) requires notifications to be sent to the US gov't for ALL new packages.
> This slows things down.

Ouch.  Well, dpkg is just stalled because of by-hand, and libc0.3 is just
renamed from libc0.2 because of the ABI change.  Do you know if renaming
requires to file notifications?

> No, GNU is GNU, GNU/hurd is GNU working on top of hurd.  The '/' between the
> words means they are separate, not one.

That is incorrect.  I must know, because I wrote the FAQ entry about that ;)
[Well, Neal wrote it originally, and I corrected it afterwards].  (The main
point about this is in the fourth paragraph below).

      Grammatically speaking, what is the Hurd?

{NHW} ``Hurd'', as an acronym, stands for ``Hird of Unix-Replacing
Daemons''.  Hird, in turn, stands for ``Hurd of Interfaces
Representing Depth''.

We treat ``Hurd'' as a title rather than as a proper name: it requires
an article, as in ``the Hurd''.  For instance: ``The ext2 filesystem
is provided by the Hurd, not by Mach.''  Note that all of the
following are incorrect: ``Hurd'', ``HURD'', ``The HURD'', and ``the

We write ``the GNU Hurd'' instead of ``the Hurd'' when we want to
emphasize that the Hurd is a GNU package.  Once this has been made
clear, we usually use the shorter form, without ``GNU''.

The whole operating system includes not only the kernel and the system
servers, but also many more programs.  This system is called ``GNU'',
or ``the GNU operating system''.  The GNU programs can also run on
other operating system kernels.  We say ``GNU/Hurd'' when we want to
put emphasis on the fact that this is the GNU system running on top of
the Hurd, and to contrast it with the GNU/Linux system which is GNU
using Linux as the kernel.

Finally, there is ``Debian GNU/Hurd''. This refers to the distribution
of the GNU system as created by the Debian developers.  For example:
``What do you run on your laptop?  Debian GNU/Hurd, of course.''

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