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Re: [Press] Distributing the Gnu Hurd

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 12:21:41AM +1200, Philip Charles wrote:

> I probably could do something in the >200MB range.
> However I think that this is something that should be discussed on
> debian-hurd@lists.debian.org before we take this any further.
> At the moment I am pressed for time and would like more time as producing
> the Hurd iso images is very fiddly.
> Would you make the posting please.  You are free to quote this.

Hello all.

Here below is the email I sent to Philip, about distributing
a "not tooo big" .iso of the Gnu HURD onto our magazine

>> Hello :-)
>> I work for the french magazine Login: (login.posse-press.com) and I
>> would like to distribute the Gnu Hurd on our next issue, numbered 97 for
>> July/August 2002. Problem is I can't allocate the full CD-Rom to the
>> distribution, as the CD-Rom will also contain SkyOS, Cosmoe (not sure
>> yet) and other "being-developped" OSs so people can have fun in summer
>> and discover new OS, new tools and perhaps join some projects.
>> Could we work together to create an .iso image of the Gnu-Hurd that
>> would fit on the CD-Rom ? I think I can allocate you from 100 to 150 Mb,
>> no more than 200 Mb.
>> If you think it's a good idea, I can also write half a page (2000 cars.
>> with 2/3 pictures) about it.
>> :-)
>> Our magazine is dedicated to developpers and users, people using Open
>> Source operating system and developping tools. I'm mainly focused on BSD
>> (well, OpenBSD) while the other writer works from Linux.

The current ls -R of the next CD-Rom is available there:


I will update that file everyday when the CD layout changes.
I would like to put a folder for hurd on the root folder
that does contain the next CD-Rom for the magazine (we use a
perl script to generate the web pages that form the
interface, HTML one, that can be used to browse the CD).

The max size for the CD is 630 Mb. I cannot allow more than
50% of the next CD to the .iso image, so if Philip says >
200 Mb are needed, can we try to keep it below 300 Mb ? :p
I have other stuff to put on the CD.

If Gnu Hurd is going to eat most space of the CD, I will
write a full page about the current project status, that is
4000 signs (a sign is a char, we count the length using
that in the press) and 6 pictures or so. I have to finish
the CD and all texts before next month, the 5th or 6th.

So, do you think it's a good idea ? :-)

Gilbert Fernandes
Chef de rubrique Login:
Posse Press

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