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Re: The HURD on the desktop ?

Wow that was fast... hurrah, someone with less of a life than me :-)

> Depending on how "basic" the knowledge is, you could help in the
> porting efforts.  There's alot of problems where people incorrectly
> use some POSIX defines that give us grief.

Well I'm pretty modest, but I guess with a little effort I could make small, 
not so complex, programs compile under HURD - I mean... the debugger doesn't 
bite :)

> We also have several non-programming tasks:
> 1) Our web sites need work.

HTML, I bet I could learn that quickly

> 2) Our manuals need.. err..  writing.

Well, english isn't my native language, but I'll give it a shot.

> 3) Start an "evangelisation" team that starts to look at the Hurd and
> come up with good ways that Hurd features can make life easier,
> better, etc.  So far our Debian efforts have been focused on being
> Unix.

Saint Lovechild... that has a nice ring to it.... 


Hell that would work...

> Soon it will be time to show the world why we're *really* cool.

Ever the optimist.. aye ?

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