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Re: Hurd Decal

Gnu Hurd Banner

Here is my latest creation. All this talk got my creativity spurred. I've just linked to the image on my static web page here. This is the "tiny" version ( about 10Kb ). I played around all morning with Gimp to make this thing :-)

Now in PNG format to keep the IE schmucks guessing!


Timothy Rue wrote:
On 30-Mar-02 21:29:44 Derek L Davies <ddavies@ddavies.net> wrote:
DLD> This would be so sweet on the back of a t shirt!

DLD> "B. Douglas Hilton" <bdhilton@charter.net> writes:

I made the colorful one of which you refer.

You can get it at http://www.gyrodynamic.net

( I got the debian thingy backwards, need to
fix it someday ... or not. )

- Doug

I recall years ago there was this spray can stuff that you could use
to make decals. You sprayed it on what you wanted to make a decal of
and lifted it off, sorta like silly putty lifting off newspaper in of
cartoons of such, but this spray leaves you with a decal.

So all anyone needs to make a decal is a can of that spray (probably
still available at your local art supply store) and a printout of the
hurd of GNU hurd Decals.

Which license ould that be under, GPL, LGPL, DGPL???


Timothy Rue

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