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dselect/apt & fsck

	I started with the gnu-20011016.tar.gz package from alpha.gnu.org
and upgraded everything in it to current. I'm having problems with apt-get
and dselect doing Bad Things to the /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin file. After
using these I sometimes have e2fsck tell me that file has illegal blocks in
an inode. At first it locked my system trying to read the file as it was on
the root filesystem. I moved it to a partition on another disk and now it
just gives me bus errors until I unmount it and fsck it again. I'm
reasonably certain it's not the disk or fsck as I've tried different
physical hard drives, e2fsck, and e2fsck.static to test these
possibilities. I don't think it did this when I started off initially but
I'm not sure what I might've grabbed to cause this.
	Any help or information is appreciated. I'm still learning the
debian tools and ways of doing things. I'm willing to run whatever tests
you think might be useful. I'm running on a pentium 133 with 32MB of RAM if
that helps.


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