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Re: Success! (Was Re: Compiling gdb-5.1.1-1 on hppa)

Ok, it actually works! I was able to attach gdb to my kernel
via ttyS0 and step into the code. That is really nifty... well
the work week is about to start again so my hacking time is
about to evaporate, but I had a really productive weekend.


1. Compiled OSKit correctly with debugging info.
2. Found incompatibility with aic7xxx driver & investigated
3. Compiled oskit-mach properly (at last!)
4. Built hppa -> i686 cross-debugger on hppa machine
5. Verified that debugger works over serial line.

Well, I'll be sure to get my gdb manual from work and bring
it home tomorrow, I think I'll be needing it.

Thanks to everybody that helped me out with all of this!

- Doug

Jeff Bailey wrote:

Just think, I may have the only hppa -> x86 cross debugger in the
world right now :-P

Careful what you say.  I mentioned once having the only Hurd web
server in the world, and someone told slashdot.  My net connection was
unusable for weeks! =)

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