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Success! (Was Re: Compiling gdb-5.1.1-1 on hppa)

It worked!

Muahhahah... now armed with my cross-debugger, my
army of evil robots will conquor the world! Er, uh,
nevermind about that. Anyways,

I built puffin's cvs source for gdb 5.0 / hppa and gave it
this rather simple configure line:

../configure --target=i686-linux

It cranked and chugged for several hours, but I now
appear to have a functional cross debugger for oskit-mach,
I have serial lines, I have a kernel-ide+scsi compiled with
full debugging info, I have beer, smokes, hmm... maybe
I should order a pizza...

Let the fun begin!

Just think, I may have the only hppa -> x86 cross debugger
in the world right now :-P

- Doug

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