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Re: oskit-mach possible bug .. #include <string.h>

On Sat, Feb 23, 2002 at 06:11:56PM -0500, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
> Just CVS'd the oskit mach branch, and while compiling
> make broke because it could not locate string.h in
> about six files located in kern/ and oskit/
> I changed these as such
> /* #include <string.h> */
> #include <oskit/c/string.h>
> Was this the right thing to do?
> BTW, sadly I can compile these kernels but they instantly
> reboot my machine when I boot them. I am convinced that
> I have OSKit installed and compiled properly in /usr/i386-gnu
> as I can run all of the test kernels.

Okay, cross-compiling isn't only not needed, it's also prone to
mistakes. Just use your general i386 compiler (probably
i386-pc-linux-gnu) etc. That should work.

The problem is your cross-compile setup doesn't have glibc. The string
functions come from glibc, as those are better optimized than the one
from OSKit. The string functions are OS-independent anyway, just like
the OSKit and OSKit-Mach. They also don't depend on being build by a
specific system. (However, OSKit-Mach could depend on glibc, gcc,

To say it another time: Just don't cross-compile! Read
http://www.etherhogz.org/doc/oskit-mach.html for more information
regarding building those things. The fact that you should not
cross-compile should have been added to it by the time you read
this. :)

> How difficult would it be to backport the 2.4.17 driver
> to OSKit?

Yes. Linux doesn't have something like a stable interface. It's sad
the Hurd doesn't have its own drivers.

Jeroen Dekkers
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