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Re: Victory! GNU Pth built / tested on Hurd!

Well sure, cthreads is ancient. I'm not disputing that, and
pthreads has a lot more functionality. It is imperative that
Hurd get its native pthreads fixed up. I hope you don't
think that now that we have this cheezy "Pth" implementation
that people will forget about it, rather I hope it will incite some
desire to fix the real deal when people find out how slow
and sucky pth->pthreads actually is. Pth is designed to be its
own critter and just because it can emulate pthreads does
not mean that it is particularly good at it or should seriously
be used for just that purpose.

Pth is a nice threading lib when used in its own right, and its
claim to fame is portability. It is in no way a great replacement
for native pthreads and was never intended to be. Even though you
could implement cthreads using pthreads, and pthreads using pth,
that doesn't mean that it is the best solution.

Well, I'm done for the night. Take it easy!

- Doug

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Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

I'm talking about properly done pthreads.  There is nothing
particularly good about cthreads, in fact, it's really pretty bad by
modern standards.

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