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Re: The ABI recompile & CDs

On Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 08:35:20PM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:

> A delay because of a wedding?  Even I would say that you have your
> priorites right, congratulations and have a good time.

=)  Thanks!

> > That said - I do anticipate that we will upload as quickly as the
> > ftpmaster says is okay.  We now have somewhere between 6 and 12
> > Hurd porters who have said they will give up sleep, school, work,
> > and significant others to babysit package builds.

> I suspect that the build will be faster than the ftpmaster can cope
> with.  My guess is that the average upload per day will be about 50
> MB.  This is based on my experience of what happens to the Debian
> ftp network when there is a big pulse.  Let alone problems people
> like me have who maintain a partial mirror with a 56k modem (except
> in emergencies).  So we may need a temporary staging area.

Okay.  You have a better feel than I do for how much data this takes.
There's currently 5GB free on alpha.gnu.org - so perhaps that will be
the best staging area.

Do you have an login account on there?  That ftp server has a limit of
10 users (or something low like that to keep the T1 usable).  I think
that you probably shouldn't have to compete with other people to try
and get the CD built.

I gotta ding ding dang a dang a long ding dong.

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