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Re: The ABI recompile & CDs

On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Jeff Bailey wrote:

> At this point, there hasn't been an autobuilder running in a month or
> two (Christmas I think was when Marcus did a big compile run).
> There's none running now, so I don't anticipate much to release a new
> CD over before the ABI shift happens.

So H3 is the last set before the big recompile.
> I am also about to leave for 3 weeks to get married.  Marcus told me
> at the beginning of February that if we got the system bootable with
> the new ABI, and I got the basic build environment setup, he had the
> time to babysit the package builds.  I think it's unlikely that we'll
> get the system bootable and tweaked to Rolands happiness in enough
> time for me to build a base system before I leave.  The system passed
> beyond my troubleshooting skills several weeks ago, so I haven't been
> able to contribute much to this effort.

A delay because of a wedding?  Even I would say that you have your
priorites right, congratulations and have a good time.
> That said - I do anticipate that we will upload as quickly as the
> ftpmaster says is okay.  We now have somewhere between 6 and 12 Hurd
> porters who have said they will give up sleep, school, work, and
> significant others to babysit package builds.  

I suspect that the build will be faster than the ftpmaster can cope with. 
My guess is that the average upload per day will be about 50 MB.  This is
based on my experience of what happens to the Debian ftp network when
there is a big pulse.  Let alone problems people like me have who maintain
a partial mirror with a 56k modem (except in emergencies).  So we may need
a temporary staging area. 


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