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[very OOT?] C++ on Linux / Hurd ?

Dear all,

I'm truly sorry for this OOT mail. But I really am need helps.

I see in this list, we've discussed so far about C/C++ differences. Well, I don't want to extend the discussion to other levels. I just want to ask a very simple question about learning C++ on Linux/Hurd.

I can see we have a bundle of manpages for C functions/libraries. But, I don't see we have manpages (other help) on C++ libraries. While, I, as a newbie on the gnu/linux/c-programming world, really do need it.

Do any of you have pointers? Or some clues?

Thanks In Advance,
Best Regards,

arief muLya
"There's always a light in the heart of ones who Love"

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