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Re: usage of reserved C++-keyword in cthreads.h

Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:

> C++ is an _extention_ of C. IMHO, it is very easy for C programs to 
> accomodate C++ [...]

I didn't say it was difficult.  It's easy.  It's also silly.  Why
should I worry all the time about such adaptation?  

How many languages do you want me to support?

C++ is an *incompatible* extension of C.  Extension yes, compatible, no.

> It is a lot more difficult for C++ parser to accomodate 
> non-portable C code. IMO, all proper C code should compile with
> a C++ compiler.

Only because you have decided that "proper" means something special
and new.  I think "proper C code" means "C code that works well on C

> This is just my 2 cents, but this opinion is quite popular amonst
> coders and most source that doesn't do this, like cthreads, is
> simply not and if not fixed, it is replaced by more compatible
> libraries like pthreads.

pthreads is much better than cthreads.  But not because the header
files might avoid certain legal variable names.

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