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usage of reserved C++-keyword in cthreads.h

Hi people!
I was just trying to create a small test-program with libtrivfs and stumbled 
across the use of the reserved C++-keyword 'catch' in struct cthread. 
Is there a known workaround for that problem and, if not, could someone patch 
the header with 
 #ifdef c_plusplus
 #error this file can only be used with plain C, not C++
in conformance[1] to the rest of the file. 
 However, after using a brute hack (#defining catch to something else while 
#including the headers) I got some more errors, but those where mostly about 
implicit conversions that are not done in C++ (for type-safety). The question 
is, whether there is a known workaround or, if not, it is worth the fuss to 
C++-ize those headers.

Another note, btw: I would go so far to file a bug against the package that 
contains cthreads.h, but dpkg doesn't know where it came from !?


[1] I believe that this 'c_plusplus' thing is also wrong/obsolete, the rest 
of the world uses '__cplusplus' instead...

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