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Re: mach: bootstrap missing

Thanks. Now I see that the boot file system is a server, not in the kernel.
And the same with the program loader (exec server).

Why do I have to use the single user option the first time?

Is there grub on the (binary Debian) CDs but not automatically installed?
Is there a ready-to-use grub file (menu.lst) or would it be useful to write one?
This could be of course flexible: a shell script (or the install program)
on the CD could configure it to the appropriate disk name+partition
(for the kernel and modules and for root=...), FS, exec server.

Is "Multiboot-elf" correct for the binary CDs? (As the filename of a module?)

Is there a way to use a mach ext2 FS to load the exec server and hurd
(Hurd would then load its own ext2 FS like in the installation instructions)?

Is there a simpler way for module ...ext2fs.static? Especially with less options?

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