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Re: Confessing my ignorance...

On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 ted@php.net wrote:

> Floppy contents:

> 0. boot code.

> 1. HDD formatter for Hurd's native format (may be able to use somebody
> else's fdisk, though). 

We need the the Linux ramdisk for this which means that a Hurd system of
some kind needs to go onto the HDD and be configured.

> 2. FTP program.

We would need to identify what else was needed to make this run, eg
kernel, hurd ......

> 3. Installer.

apt etc.

My guess would be that we would end up with about 60% of the tarball plus
ftp packages.

> How's that for starters? ;->

If we wanted to go down this track then the easist way would be to produce
a floppy or two which could be installed after the base system had been
installed and configured using the floppy set included with the CD.  As I
have not go round to getting ftp working on a Hurd installation I am not
the person to produce these extra floppies.


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