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Re: httpfs, tarfs --help

arun v <arunsark@yahoo.com> writes:

> Can anyone give me an idea about the httpfs?

I guess httpfs should map data available via HTTP to the filesystem -
just like ftpfs does for FTP data - as good as possible.  But I'm not
very familiar with the HTTP protocol so I don't know how well it's
suited for such an filesystem interface.

> I have a stand-alone PC here, so i think i have to configure a web
> server for doing httpfs, isn't it?

httpfs would need to access a web server, sure.  I think it would be
the best way to experiment with a local web server instead of annoying
the administrators of some public web servers with strange logs. ;)

> Is apache available for Hurd?

Yes, it's in Debian.

> What is the idea behing tarfs, can anyone explain the same?

Transparent access to a tar archive.
Example: settrans foo tarfs foo.tar

And then you should be able to access the content of foo.tar under
foo, just like if it has been uncompressed.

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