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Re: Confessing my ignorance...

Floppy contents:
0. boot code.
1. HDD formatter for Hurd's native format (may be able to use somebody else's fdisk, though).
2. FTP program.
3. Installer.

How's that for starters? ;->

> Oh dear.  At this stage we would probably have to produce about 10-15
> floppies to do this.  The rescue and root floppies are Linux based and we
> would have to install and configure some kind of Hurd base system on the
> HDD which will be able to install the rest of the system by FTP.  To
> significantly reduce the number of floppies would require very careful
> tuning of the base system.
> The alternative, which would involve a lot of hacking (and I don't know if
> it would work) would be to use the Linux ramdisk to do the downloading.

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