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Re: Did I hear you folks might be interested in POSIX threads?

I'm the maintainer of NGPT. NGPT is a POSIX compliant (95%) replacement library for LinuxThreads that is fully integrated with glibc and is also binary compatible where possible (POSIX wins ;-). I was wondering you folks might be interested in a port to the Hurd? Thanks.

Something like this sounds great. We have a lot of packages waiting in the wings whose major dependency is a working pthreads implementation.

Additionally we would need a cthreads wrapper around pthreads for the packages that use cthreads.

The talk I've seen on the list had wanted a portable pthreads implementation that was actually part of glibc, and integrated with the glibc signal code. I don't know anything about the details of this or how it would work.

I've also heard rumblings on the list of other people working on a pthreads project, but the bits of information are few and far between, so I don't know what the status of that might be.

I see that the license for NGPT is LGPL, so that's good.

I see that the goals from this page (http://oss.software.ibm.com/pthreads/) also include an M:N mapping of sorts. This would potentially be very useful in the L4 port of the Hurd which I am quietly working on as well.


The goal of this project is to attempt to solve the problems

associated with the use of the pthreads library on Linux. It will add M:N threading capability and improve significantly on the POSIX compliance of pthreads on Linux. This will allow significant performance improvements for all applications that make use of the pthreads library, particularly on SMP machines. It will also enable Linux to provide threading services that are more in line with the capabilities of the commerical Unix operating
system such as IBM AIX and SGI IRIX.


I think something like this looks wonderful.


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