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Did I hear you folks might be interested in POSIX threads?

I'm the maintainer of NGPT.  NGPT is a POSIX compliant (95%) replacement 
library for LinuxThreads that is fully integrated with glibc and is also 
binary compatible where possible (POSIX wins ;-).  I was wondering you folks 
might be interested in a port to the Hurd?  Thanks.

     Bill Abt
     Senior Software Engineer
     Next Generation POSIX Threading for Linux
     IBM Cambridge, MA, USA 02142
     Ext: +(00)1 617-693-1591
     T/L: 693-1591 (M/W/F)
     T/L: 253-9938 (T/Th/Eves.)
     Cell: +(00)1 617-803-7514
     babt@us.ibm.com or abt@us.ibm.com

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