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Re: Xbill

 --- Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> a écrit : 
> xasteroids is already in the Debian archive, see
> http://hurd.sourceforge.net/turtle/group/Debian/index.html

I saw the last time in another link, whith the word oasis in some place; I
guess I was looking in the wrong place.

> Hurd .03 (whatever that is :)  is listed on the list of platforms Mozilla
> was successfully build for.  (See mozilla faq)

Yes, you're right. But only says that; it doesn't have any link nor binary or
source packages.

> UCHIYAMA Yasushi did the port in 1998.  So there might be any new issues

Yes, I saw that lot of times in my yesterday's research. But I couldn't find
his home page; only got access denied messages and deadlinks. Is he still
working in Hurd?

> since then.  If you can, give it a try!  I am eyeing on it myself, but don't
> know when I will have the time, certainly not in the next weeks.

Do you have Mozilla packages? If so, could you please put them on your site to
download? Thanks a lot, I'll be pleased to test ppp and mozilla together.

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