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Re: CD policy needed.

> 1.  How are we to determine what goes on the first CD?
The way I see it it's very simple. The first CD should contain packages that
are used mostly. If that doesn't get us below 650Mb then we choose (from
those) the most important ones. Like, if we have (after selecting the mostly
used) three packages that are similar, we choose one of them (by whatever
means necessary) and burn the rest on the second set.

> 2.  What are we going to do about sid source?
I'm looking up the .net for source references and the most important ones. I
think it would be nice (and wise) to have a Hurd Source CD, which would
contain packages for (and only) Hurd (not using GNU/Linux souces, as Adam

> The increase in the size of the Hurd has already broken one of my key
> scripts (now fixed).
Any help, just let me know.

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