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CD policy needed.

An ftp search shows 100 sites mirroring hurd-F2-Main, but only one
mirroring hurd-F2-extra.  Such a search misses a number of sites, but it
does show that we need to be careful about the first CD's contents as
mirrors may be reluctant to offer more than one image.  A full set of Hurd
binaries would take up 1640 MB of CD, ie three images. 

There are six sid source CDs and this may move to seven.  I would consider
it unlikely that many, if any ftp sites would be prepared to offer these.

At the moment there are 1777 Hurd specific binaries, up from 1068 on 1
July.  I am suggesting that we start thinking of another binary set about
mid September which means that I will have to start work in earnest about
1 Sept.  The number of Hurd specific binaries will have grown again by
September and this could mean that some of these key packages will be
forced onto the second CD.  A policy will be needed to be developed to
determine which of these packages should be on the first CD. 

So the questions are.

1.  How are we to determine what goes on the first CD?
2.  What are we going to do about sid source?

The increase in the size of the Hurd has already broken one of my key
scripts (now fixed).


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