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RE: Re[4]: Anyone has read the FSF Usenix speech ?


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Subject: Re: Re[4]: Anyone has read the FSF Usenix speech ?

 --- Patrick Strasser <past@sbox.tugraz.at> a écrit :
I would give my modest opinion as powerless user:      =)

> Do we have a complete searchable mailing archieve other than Geocrawler?

I don't think so, except in Debian's site. For example, I couldn't find
information about installing XFree in Hurd in search engines like Google or

> Do we have a recommendet development environment?

Do we have something like that?

> Do we have a guide to fix known frequent bugs/issues while porting?

I don't know, but fortunately Robert Bihlmeyer teached me about filling
and if there is no better way, I'll fix bugs as I think is best.

> Do we have some goals or basic principles for design? Is there any
> definition if "Hurdishness"?

Maybe "And approach to design an operating system"? (I don't remember

> Generally: We need good documentation and high quality information. we
> can't get users nor developers without these.

I think so. Volunteers? (Me doing a step backward).         =)

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