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Re[2]: Anyone has read the FSF Usenix speech ?

On Wednesday 11 July 2001 06:55, dim wrote:

> Let's invite peoples to Hurd like DEVELOPERS!
> Many peoples is searching for a powerfull base to realize their ideas,
> but much less wants to port ideas of others.
> You say "We don't do a good job at marketing the Hurd.". But IMHO it's
> need to do such job! It will be very nice to get more fresh blood to
> Hurd! :)
I must agree. I heard about hurd one month ago from my prof. at the 
university. I'm i the linux world, and hurd for me just was another of the 
thousands unknown project. But after i found docs about it, i know hurd is 
something on what i wanna be focused to. 
I'm sure if more people heard about it there would be more developers. 
I'm not developer yet, but soon when i learn about mach and hurd ill join you 
for sure.

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